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If you need drain cleaning in Berkshire, JD Drains is the area’s leading drainage solutions provider. We offer emergency blocked drain clearance, one-off drain cleans as well as planned drainage maintenance programmes.

We clean both domestic and commercial drainage systems using our powerful water jetting equipment. This ensures your drains are clear of any unnecessary obstructions and working to the best of their ability.

Over time, different waste materials can build up in your drains causing unnecessary clogging within the pipes. This can have a negative effect on the flow of the waste water from your home or workplace. Cooking fats, rubble, tissues and other non- biodegradable materials need to be cleared otherwise blockages will occur.

Our drain cleaning service maintains your drains and sewers, removing the possibility of scale build-up.

What does drain cleaning involve?

Our drain cleaning service involves far more than simply cleaning the inner pipes of your drain or sewer system.

Drain Defects

We look for defects within the drain and eradicate them to prevent more sewer problems occurring in the future.

Tree Root Damage

Our service also involves detecting any tree root damage, and by using state-of-the-art root cutting equipment, we can remove the roots and repair your drain without the need for excavation.

Drain Descaling

Our drain cleaning service also involves drain descaling. In hard water areas, such as the South-East of England, scale will build up within drains. This reduces the water flow available within the pipe. In time, this can cause blockages and drain will overflow.

How often should drains be cleaned?

The frequency is entirely dependent on two things – the size of the drain and how frequently it is being used. For example, a relatively small residential drainage system used by a medium-sized family may only need to be cleaned once a year.

However, if that same sized drainage system was being used by a busy restaurant, monthly maintenance may need to be carried out to prevent nasty blockages occurring.

Our drain cleaning service is very thorough. Our engineers will leave your drains looking like new so you can rest assured that your drains are clearing waste away from your property effectively.

Commercial Customers

We generally recommend a monthly drain cleaning schedule for our commercial customers.

For buildings with high footfall and waste levels such as leisure centers, council buildings and schools, regular drain cleaning is essential to prevent any emergency situations from occurring.

Regular drain cleaning ensures that your drains work the way they should for years without major work or an emergency call.

Drop us a line on 0118 380 0173 to discuss your company’s requirements.

Superb Customer Service

We provide our customers with the best drainage service in Berkshire.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the drainage industry, we understand the importance of providing every customer with reliable, cost effective service.

We offer around the clock drainage support and are on call for emergency drainage issues 24/7 365 days a year.

Regular drain cleaning ensures that your drains work the way they should for years without major work or an emergency call.

Drop us a line on 0118 380 0173 to discuss your company’s requirements.


  • Cleared drains blocked by tree roots and gravel. “Arrived when they said they would, did the job well and were very well mannered. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

    Customer in Wokingham
  • Blocked night club toilets, major pipe work blockage “The lads went above and beyond with the work, absolutely smashed it, with the work done, highly recommended.”

    Customer in Reading
  • Unblock drain “Very quickly fixed the problem. Came out within the time said. Nice polite and friendly service.”

    Customer in Reading
  • Lettings agents sent to clear blocked drain and fix leak. “So quick - polite and effective.”

    Customer in Reading

24/7 Emergency Service.