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JD Drains are the leading drain descaling company in Berkshire.

We specialise in drain pipe descaling using high pressure water jetting techniques.

Our advanced hydro-jetting vans have a variety of tools that are capable of cutting away hard scale deposits from your drains, providing thorough cleansing of the pipes.

This technique removes scale without the need to dig down to or around the pipes, bringing you a cost-effective alternative to traditional drainage descaling solutions.

Do I need to descale my drains?

If you’ve previously had your drains cleared, but you’ve noticed them clogging again, you might need to consider drain descaling.

Drain descaling is required when hardened mineral deposits have built up inside the drains and pipework. It’s most commonly required in hard water areas, such as Reading, Slough and the county of Berkshire.

Image courtesy of Bristan http://www.bristan.com/hard-water-map

Symptoms of highly scaled-up drains

Drains and pipework are more likely to get scaled up in hard water areas – the South East is particularly affected by this issue.

Common complaints include bad smells emanating from kitchen sinks or bathroom wastes; back surges of dirty water into the kitchen sink or bath; Reduced water flow, frequent blockages and white stains on pipes, taps, shower heads and sinks are some most common signs of limescale.

Below are some tips that will help keep your drains flowing to their full capacity and prevent the need for costly repairs and clearances.

The right tools for the job

We use state of the art drain descaling equipment, Our 18 ton Jet Vac Combination Unit can deliver 4000 psi / 17 gallons a minute and comes with:

• Cutting ball – cuts out concrete, fibre screed, heavy scale and heavy fat
• Chain flail – removing fibrous roots and main roots
• Milling head – this mills through concrete and metal
• Specialist 4000 psi spinning jet – for clearing heavily fatted lines

Superb Customer Service

We provide our customers with the best drainage service in Berkshire.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the drainage industry, we understand the importance of providing every customer with reliable, cost effective service.

We offer round-the-clock drainage support and are on call for emergency drainage issues 24/7 365 days a year.


  • Cleared drains blocked by tree roots and gravel. “Arrived when they said they would, did the job well and were very well mannered. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

    Customer in Wokingham
  • Blocked night club toilets, major pipe work blockage “The lads went above and beyond with the work, absolutely smashed it, with the work done, highly recommended.”

    Customer in Reading
  • Unblock drain “Very quickly fixed the problem. Came out within the time said. Nice polite and friendly service.”

    Customer in Reading
  • Lettings agents sent to clear blocked drain and fix leak. “So quick - polite and effective.”

    Customer in Reading

24/7 Emergency Service.